wiiu_black_1212011826c6i94The Nintendo Wii U is the Japanese company’s latest console offering, and while it does seem to have a lot of potential, it seems that not many are enamored by the company’s efforts, going as far as saying that sales of the console are “disappointing”. However will the Wii U forever play second (or third) fiddle to the likes of the PS4 and the Xbox 720, or could this console eventually reach the same success that Nintendo achieved with handheld devices like the DS? According to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto (via CNN), creator of popular Nintendo titles like Mario and Zelda, he says that consumers should be patient and give the Wii U time.

Miyamoto claims that having a second screen for gaming in the living room is a new experience for gamers, and that such an experience opens the door to possibilities that weren’t possible before. Miyamoto goes on to compare the Wii U to the Nintendo DS handheld console, stating that at one point in time, consumers weren’t convinced about the need for dual-screens for the device, but as we can see from the sales of the DS, consumers did indeed have a change of heart. Miyamoto states that consumers should remain patient and that the second screen will catch on to the point where gamers will rely on it and wonder what they would do without it.

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