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– Rapidly evolving technology, new content creators and distribution platforms have shifted the way media is created, distributed and consumed. Join influential leaders from publishing, advertising, media, finance and entertainment for a lively debate on where the business of content is headed. Some topics include:


How Someone Else’s Algorithm is Affecting Your Bottom Line – The social web and user-generated content networks have spurred an explosion of content for users to consume. But more choice = more noise. Hear how smart companies are adapting algorithms and innovating as quickly as the trends.

Cheap Trick or Smart Business? How Native Advertising is Consumed– With the prevalence of native advertising, most consumers don’t even know they’ve stepped away from original content. How does this affect the overall quality of a network, or even specific articles? We’ll look at both sides of this issue and examine if ethics are being broken.

How to Monetize Digital Content and Keep Consumers Happy – Some publishers are asking users for subscription fees, while others keep their content free and rely upon advertising to pay the way. We’ll examine the benefits and dangers of each path.

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