shoving-botRobots – this is the realm of the new future, and we do look forward to see just what the world will be like eventually when more and more robots are activated and enter active service among us humans. Of course, it might eventually end up in a scenario that is not too far different from the one that we saw in I, Robot, but right now, the industry of robotics remain in its infancy, and just to get a robot that walk and run properly is a challenge. Well, here is a unique humanoid robot that hails from a lab in Italy which is said to be able to steady itself without falling over when shoved.

Known as the Compliant Humanoid COMAN, this project was developed by the Department of Advanced Robotics at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy, where it is meant to increase joint flexibility and overall stability for humanoid robots. Specially modeled after a small child, the robot will rely on an array of elastic actuators alongside torque sensors to help it maintain a level of stabilization and balance control that humans show. It’d make a great floor service robot, no?

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