rustNormally, one would associate the word “rust” with destruction that comes along with the passage of time, as we can see through the half-eaten hulls of sunken ships of yore. Well, Rust this time around will take on a new meaning, as it is part of Mozilla’s ambition in chasing down a new programming language that will hopefully, be the holy grail of code one fine day, and they have managed to capture the attention of the folks over at Samsung to help them out.

The Rust programming language alongside its Servo testbed on GitHub has made adequate progress, so much so that Samsung decided to jump into the fray by committing some engineering know-how to its success. In a nutshell, Rust wants to replace C++ as the programming language of choice, where it is capable of taking full advantage of heterogeneous, multi-core hardware that we find today, without compromising on security. I, for one, would not mind if Rust were to be realized and utilized worldwide soon, and heck, it can even be the new gold programming language standard, but is it capable of achieving such a distinction? Only time will tell. Good luck!

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