seiko-watchThe world of sports comprise of records – and these records were meant to be broken, although some of them tend to hold out a whole lot longer than other records, where a golden generation of athletes come along and dominate a particular field or discipline so completely, that one cannot help but wonder whether future generations will be able to surpass his or her exploits, such as Barcelona’s Lionel Messi for instance. Well, for the normal folks like you and I who exercise to keep fit, having a tool like Seiko’s watch would not hurt our workout sessions, as this wristwatch is smart enough to measure our heart rate and it offers information on the optimum running pace for training.

Known as the Seiko AH01 Heart Rate Monitor, it will be the latest device in the Asics Running Watch series, and ought to hit the market later this May. You will need to attach a strap equipped with a heartbeat sensor to the chest in order to get your heart rate measurement, where you can then check out your heart rate and running pace in real time. Do expect to fork out $145 for the Seiko AH01 Heart Rate Monitor if you’re interested.

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