mtracerPractice, practice, and more practice – there are just no two ways about it when it comes to being the best at something. Natural talent and ability will only get you so far after all, and everything else would hinge on you making the best of the situation. I am quite sure that many of us have heard of the hours of unseen practice put in by star athletes, celebrated musicians and of course, celebrity chefs when it comes to plying their trade in order to be at the very pinnacle of their game. Golf is no different, either, where both Seiko Epson Corp and Epson Sales Japan Corp have announced a sensor device which will be able to analyze your golf swing – the M-Tracer.

Touted to arrive in Japan later this April 10, the M-Tracer will retail for nearly $300 after conversion, where it measures a diminutive 50mm x 25mm x 15.5mm and tips the scales at 15 grams. You will attach the M-Tracer to the handle of a golf club, where a lithium polymer rechargeable battery would keep it going for up to four hours as you practice swing after swing. Juicing it up via a microUSB port takes approximately 2 hours only. How does the M-Tracer work?

Well, a couple of acceleration sensors that can measure up to 16G and 300G, respectively, will be accompanied by a gyroscope (3,000°/s). These work together to measure the orbit of a swing, frequency of swings, speed of the head, rotation of the shaft, face angle at the time of impact, among others, sending such data to be analyzed on your smartphone over Bluetooth.

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