seiko-epsonAre all projectors created equal? Apparently not, as evident by this Seiko Epson EB-595WT wall-mounted projector. The big question is, what makes the Seiko Epson EB-595WT so different from the rest that it deserves a special mention? Well, the Seiko Epson EB-595WT makes its mark from the crowded projector market by offering the unique ability to be operated simply by touching a projected screen with your finger, which is a novelty factor no matter how you look at it, and it certainly would line up pretty nicely for action in schools.

This is not the first of such forays, however, as Seiko Epson has also worked on projectors that can be operated by touching a projected screen with an electronic pen since a quartet of years ago, now how about that? The Seiko Epson EB-595WT marks a new milestone for the company’s achievement, however, as it is capable of supporting touch operations with but a single finger.

This is made possible as the projector’s touch sensor unit will emit an infrared light which covers the projected screen. Whenever it detects a finger in the vicinity, the built-in camera will take a look, hence making it possible for one to intuitively operate the “tool buttons” of an electronic white board, in addition to working with the scale and scroll factors on the screen simply by moving a finger on the projected screen. Pretty cool, don’t you think so?

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