nissan-leaf-simcityNow this is crystal clear proof that some games certainly keep up with the times, as evident by the latest DLC (downloadable content) pack for EA’s SimCity. Sure, the latest iteration of SimCity has taken in its fair amount of flak, but I am quite sure that this has not stopped folks from diving right into the entire game wholeheartedly as they play god, but the latest DLC certainly has a very close bearing to our everyday lives, considering how it comes with a Nissan Leaf charging station.

Needless to say, the Nissan Leaf charging station in the game is not exactly the most subtle item that we have seen so far, as there is also an attached billboard that advertises the all-electric car, not to mention Nissan’s bright red logo hovering over most of the pavement. It seems that this Nissan Leaf charging station will add to a level of happiness around its nearby buildings, and Sims who use it will also receive a happiness boost, not to mention additional cars will start to ply your city’s roads. Not only that, no pollution, sewage or garbage is added, making it more than a decent addition.

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