It has been rumored a few times that an offline mode for SimCity might be introduced, but nothing has materialized so far. Since its launch, SimCity has received seven major updates and yet no offline mode has been added to the game. Maxis Emeryville studio’s General Manager, Patrick Buechner, has breathed life into the possibility. In a blog post, Buechner wrote that “exploration for Offline Mode is happening,” confirming that Maxis really is looking into making SimCity playable without an always-on internet connection.

Buechner acknowledges that this is something that players have anxiously been waiting for a long time, but says that he can’t make any promises on when there will be more information about this. Maxis has a “team specifically focused on exploring the possibility of an offline mode.” Buechner writes that Maxis would like to give players the ability to play SimCity even if they do not choose to connect, and that an offline mode would allow the modding community to tinker without breaking the multiplayer experience. So at this point in time, it can not be said for sure exactly when a SimCity offline mode will be introduced. Maxis is looking into it, but doesn’t provide a timeframe for us to work with. The best SimCity players can do is wait patiently.

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