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EA Shuts Down The Sims’ Developer Maxis
For those who have been playing the SimCity franchise, you guys are probably aware that Maxis is the developer behind the titles. Unfortunately if you are hoping to see future titles released under the Maxis banner, you might be disappointed to learn that EA has recently announced that they will be shutting down Maxis.This does not mean that there will no longer be future SimCity or The Sims titles, but […]

SimCity 2000 Going For Free
They say that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, but what about a free game? Well, it looks like the folks over at Electronic Arts will be giving out Maxis’ classic city building game, known as SimCity 2000, for free. Yes sir, that is correct – there is no need to fork out a single cent for SimCity 2000, since the game is right […]

SimCity Offline Is Now Playable
SimCity could have been a really great modern day classic if its release last year was not plagued by bugs that caused plenty of frustrations to gamers everywhere, despite having released updates from time to time. Having said that, it is still a great game to play, bugs notwithstanding, and it is with a sigh of relief that we bring you word on SimCity Offline play, which so happens to […]

SimCity Lead Engineer Explains Why Offline Mode Took So Long
Back in 2013, EA and Maxis launched the latest version of their popular SimCity game. It featured some pretty nice graphics and features, but if there was one issue that bugged many gamers is the fact that it required an internet connection. SimCity, for the most part, has been a single-player game so the need for an internet connection seemed weird, and the fact that it was mandatory as opposed […]


SimCity Offline Announced
Now here is an announcement that will definitely send SimCity fans into a delirious frenzy, or at least, to a certain degree. SimCity Offline has been announced, where it will arrive as a free download with Update 10 to all SimCity players. In a nutshell, once it is launched, the slew of your previously downloaded content will be made available to you regardless of the time as well as place. […]

SimCity Offline Mode Is Under 'Exploration'
It has been rumored a few times that an offline mode for SimCity might be introduced, but nothing has materialized so far. Since its launch, SimCity has received seven major updates and yet no offline mode has been added to the game. Maxis Emeryville studio’s General Manager, Patrick Buechner, has breathed life into the possibility. In a blog post, Buechner wrote that “exploration for Offline Mode is happening,” confirming that Maxis really is […]

SimCity: Cities Of Tomorrow Expansion Pack Releasing On November 12
SimCity hasn’t had the best launch considering both its PC and Mac versions suffered from numerous bugs shortly after they were released. If you’re a SimCity player who has been able to bear all of the issues the game has had, then you’ll be happy to hear EA and Maxis are expected to launch the game’s first expansion pack, called “Cities of Tomorrow.”

SimCity For Mac Suffers From Numerous Bugs Shortly After Release [Update]
[Update: We were contacted by a PR rep on behalf of the SimCity team to inform us the installation-related issues have been resolved.]It’s been a long time coming for SimCity fans who just so happen to love their Apple products more than Windows machines as the game was just released after numerous delays. Considering how terribly the launch of the PC version of SimCity went, and with all of the delays, […]

SimCity For Mac Released
SimCity for Mac was initially going to be released on June 11th, but EA announced that they were delaying the release as the game wasn’t ready for primetime. It said that the launch would take place in August. Earlier this month EA finally announced the confirmed release date of SimCity for Mac, August 29th. The game has indeed been released today and is now available from the Origin store. If […]

SimCity Update 7 Delivers Road Bridge And Tunnels
I am quite sure that despite the many issues that players of the most recent SimCity iteration had to go through, they endured it simply because of their love for the game. I too, was hooked by the SimCity bug back in my PC gaming days, but the last SimCity game that I gave a shot was SimCity 2000. Yeah, it was that long ago. Having said that, just like […]

SimCity Could Receive Offline Mode
SimCity could be on the receiving end of an offline mode. Might we dare dream?

EA Asks For $9 In Exchange Of Airships And Balloons In SimCity
EA looks set to charge $9 for additional in-game SimCity content.

SimCity For Mac Delayed Until August
Mac gamers looking to play SimCity this month will have to wait until August as its release has been delayed.

SimCity Amusement Park Released
Simcity has gotten a new expansion pack that ought to spruce up the lives of your Sims with Amusement Park.

SimCity Patch Hopes To Fix Traffic Issues
Each time a particular game or software is released, chances are it will not be the final version, as there will be patches and revisions released down the road to make the software run better and more efficiently. Unfortunately in the case of SimCity, a recent patch resulted in more bugs than fixes. The latest release of SimCity is just like any other city – trouble is never too far […]

The Sims 4 For PC And Mac Release Confirmed For 2014
Earlier today we reported that The Sims 4 announcement was imminent, a domain registration strongly suggested it. That was indeed the case. Electronic Arts has now officially announced The Sims 4 for PC and Mac. The game will be releasing in 2014 and will be developed by Maxis. EA hasn’t revealed many details at this point in time, but have promised that they will be released in the near future.Maxis […]

SimCity 2.0 Patch Introduces New Bugs
EA and Maxis’ SimCity received its first major update earlier this week which was being implemented to issue a ton of fixes to the game that would help make the user experience better. The SimCity 2.0 update came and it certainly did fix what EA said it was going to fix, but it looks like it may have introduced a number of new issues based on player feedback.The SimCity 2.0 update is […]

SimCity First Major Update Slated For 22nd April, Servers To Be Down From 4PM ET
It has been announced that SimCity’s first major update will be released on the 22nd of April. The update brings a plethora of fixes as well as little tweaks that will make the user experience better. Electronic Arts says that “The wait will be worth it,” adding that after the update cities should process more properly and many of SimCity’s game processes, such as education, disasters, tourism etc will receive […]

SimCity Promotion Delivers DLC With Dental Products
The latest version of SimCity might have run into its fair share of issues at the beginning of the game’s existence in the market, but this has certainly not stopped ordinary gamers from snapping up the title and having a real go at it. Well, it seems that there is yet another DLC (Downloadable Content) in store for SimCity, which is known as the Attractions Set, and it will be […]

EA Shutting Down Sims Facebook Games On June 14
Those of you were currently attempting to build a social media empire in Pet Society, The Sims Social and SimCity Social on Facebook can just stop playing those games right about now as EA has announced it will be pulling the plug for those titles on June 14. EA claims the reason for the closing of these three titles is due to each game failing to maintain a significant audience.EA […]