audi-motorrad-motorcycle-ducatiBack in 2012, Audi acquired Italian motorbike manufacturer Ducati under their Lamborghini arm, and with the acquisition, we guess it’s only fair that many are wondering if Audi has plans to start manufacturing motorbikes of their own in the future. While that may or may not happen, or if Audi will be content to let Ducati continue what they are doing, some designers have come up with an interesting and sleek concept of what an Audi-manufactured motorbike might look like.

Dubbed the Audi Motorrad, this concept was designed by Thibault and Marc Devauze, along with modeler Clement Couvreur. Based on its design, we’re guessing that this concept is targeting BMW who makes motorbikes as well, possibly giving them a run for their money. According to the designers, the Audi Motorrad will feature a Ducati-derived 850cc, L-Twin 4 valve-per-cylinder, Desmodromic 2-cylinder engine along with a double-clutch gearbox. The body of the bike will also be taking advantage of Audi’s technology and will combine carbon fiber with light alloys.

Not being a bike rider myself I can’t really speak for its potential comfort or power, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, it looks pretty good. What do you guys think?

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