The Collapse Mini Concept Combines Wireless Charging And Wireless Audio Streaming Into OneFor those who are looking to get the best of both worlds, this concept wireless speaker slash table might be worth taking a look at. Dubbed the Collapse Mini, this concept was designed by Matteo Massimi and basically combines a set of speakers into a table, meaning that you will able to place things like books, keys, your wallet and etc. on top of it, while at the same time pair your phone with the device to have music play from it. As you can see in the picture above, it seems to blend in pretty well with the rest of the furniture and upon first glance you wouldn’t think it is a speaker.

According to its designer, pairing your phone with the speaker is simple. Instead of fiddling with configurations and setting up the connection, all you’d have to do is place the phone on top of its glass surface and it will start syncing and playing music from your phone! An interesting feature is that you can control the music on your phone by rotating the phone to adjust the volume. To top it off, it seems that the Collapse Mini will also be able to charge your phone at the same time, providing both wireless audio streaming and wireless charging. Pretty cool, huh?

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