According to a recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, he had earlier claimed that Apple could announce a new iPad Pro later this year. That is on par for the course since Apple typically refreshes its tablets on an annual basis, but now leakster Dylandkt has come forward with additional details.

The tweet corroborates Gurman’s claims about an iPad Pro coming this fall, and Dylandkt adds that it will most likely come with the M2 chipset. Apple refreshed the iPad Pro last year with the M1 chipset, so it makes sense that this year they might give it the M2, but what exactly are the changes between the M1 and M2 is unclear at this point in time.

However, his tweet suggests that maybe Apple might not include MagSafe charging for the tablet. According to Dylandkt, apparently there are a lot of concerns about the implementation of MagSafe into the iPad Pro. We had heard rumors earlier this month that Apple could introduce MagSafe to the iPad Pro refresh where it would see Apple use a glass back for the iPad Pro and the use of stronger magnets to prevent accidents.

The tweets do not say what the problem could be that could cause Apple to reconsider the use of MagSafe, so for now, maybe temper your expectations and don’t get your hopes up just yet. That being said, the iPad has never supported wireless charging so to be honest, we don’t really feel that it’s too much of a missed opportunity, but we wouldn’t complain if it had it.

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