2019 iPhones Could Sport 3x Telephone Lens, Larger Battery

Battery life on Apple’s iPhones isn’t terrible, but it’s not particularly good either. While Apple has made huge tech upgrades over the years, battery life is still one aspect that the company hasn’t quite addressed. However if the latest rumors are to be believed, that could change this year with the 2019 iPhones.

Apple References AirPower Charging Mat On Smart Battery Case Website

Many are no doubt curious to the state of Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat. Has it been cancelled? Will it see the light of day? If recent rumors are to be believed, production of the AirPower has already begun which means that we should see it soon enough. If you’re looking for more proof, Apple actually referenced it by accident on its website.

Future OnePlus Phones May Feature Qi Wireless Charging

The Qi wireless charging standard has been widely adopted by device manufacturers. This makes things easier for consumers since they can buy one wireless charging pad and use it with a wide variety of devices. A latest development hints at the possibility of future OnePlus devices also having support for Qi wireless charging.

Production Of Apple’s AirPower Is Reportedly Already Underway

The AirPower wireless charging accessory from Apple was originally announced in 2017, pegged for a 2018 release, but has since missed its mark. However it seems that 2019 could be the year it finally launches because according to a tweet by ChargerLab, it seems that production of the device is already underway by Luxshare Precision.


Spigen And Ossia Team Up For A ‘True’ Wireless Charging Case

For years we have been waiting to see “true” wireless charging. These days wireless charging means putting our devices on a charging pad, which in a way still leaves us tethered because when our devices leave the pad, it stops charging. However that future of true wireless charging could be getting close, and Spigen and Ossia could help usher that era in.

Lenovo Yoga A940 Is A Uniquely Designed, Feature Rich AIO Desktop

#CES2019 – All-in-one (AIO) desktop systems are pretty common and one of their main selling points is that it is a desk saver. This is compared to regular desktop systems where the chassis itself can be big and bulky. Lenovo has recently unveiled their own AIO desktop system with the Yoga A940, but it definitely is not your run-of-the-mill system.

Moshi Launches SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount With Wireless Charging

#CES2019 – If you’re constantly the go, being able to charge your phone while you’re travelling is something you probably do quite often. This can be done via power banks, or if you’re driving, you can always use a car charger. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then Moshi might have something for you.

Bang & Olufsen Updates The Beoplay E8 With Wireless Charging Case

Last year Bang & Olufsen took the wraps off their Beoplay E8 earbuds. A quick recap for those unfamiliar, the E8 has been designed to be wireless earbuds similar in concept to what Apple created with the AirPods. While they might have been later to the market compared to Apple, the company can now boast a first.

AT&T’s Power Drum Wireless Charger Revealed

If you’re looking for a new wireless charger, you might be interested to learn that AT&T might have something for you. According to a sighting by Zatz Not Funny, it seems that both the FCC and Wireless Power Consortium have revealed the carrier’s plans to launch a wireless charger called the “Power Drum”.

Apple Has Reportedly Fixed The AirPower’s Issues

2018 has come and gone and Apple’s initial promise to release the AirPower in 2018 has obviously been broken. Like we said before, the company’s silence on the matter does not sound particularly encouraging, but for those who are still interested in the AirPower, there is some hope.

Apple’s AirPower Misses Its 2018 Deadline

More often than not, whenever Apple announces a new product, it launches shortly after its announcement. There have been instances when an announcement is made, only to have the product launch much later. This was the case with the Mac Pro and iMac Pro which were announced early in the year but launched in the later part of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Feature Reverse Wireless Charging

Phones that offer the ability to charge wirelessly are a dime a dozen, but one of the unique and pretty cool features offered with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro was its ability to reverse wireless charge. What this means is that in addition to being able to charge itself wirelessly, it can reverse that process and act as a wireless charger to other devices.

Job Listings Reveal That Apple’s AirPower Is Still Alive

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat was announced in 2017 and was supposed to launch this year, but clearly that was not the case. There were some reports suggesting that the AirPower project was “doomed”, but as spotted by MacRumors, Apple has job listings in which the AirPower is still mentioned, suggesting that the project is still very much alive and well.

TwelveSouth’s PowerPic Is A Wireless Charger That’s Also A Photo Frame

Having a device that does more than one thing is a hallmark of efficiency. This is why dedicated music players have since been replaced by our smartphones, and why most of us don’t need to carry a separate compact camera around just to take photos, and in more recent times, we might not even need to bring our wallet as our phones can also make payments at shops.