1366625763We’ve seen a variety of novel iPhone cases in the past, such as cases that can double as a bottle opener and so on, and if you love novel iPhone cases than the WhistleCase could be right up your alley. As you can see in the image above, the iPhone case comes with a small whistle attachment at the top, and to be honest the design of the case itself isn’t too bad and somewhat sleek. So why would anyone need a whistle attached to their iPhone for? Well apart from potentially being a great way to annoy friends and people nearby, its creators have suggested that the whistle can be used for safety reasons, as well as sports reasons.

We guess combined with the stopwatch app, it can be used to time games and events, and you as the referee can then blow into the whistle to signify the end of a round. As far as safety is concerned, considering that the thief is most likely going after your iPhone, you can start blowing into it to attract some attention, at least until the thief manages to snatch it out of your mouth and makes a run for it. Priced at $30, it is available for purchase via its website.

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