bendy-phoneSometime last week, we brought you word that South Korean consumer electronics giant LG is working on rolling out a flexible OLED smartphone later this year, and here we are with word that flexible smartphones do seem to be part of the unseen future. Take for instance, researchers who have spent some time demonstrating the Morphee-couture, a flexible phone that is made out of wooden tiles which relies on a projector in order to create a touch-responsive display. The range is known as the Morphees, which are flexible handsets that can change their shape in order to best suit the task at hand which the user wants to engage in at the moment.

For example, if you were to type in a password, majority of the Morphees prototypes would curl up at the edges automatically in order to hide the screen from prying eyes. That sounds pretty neat, no? Of course, this kind of flexibility does not mean you can simply grab a Morphee handset and twist it, as the Morphee would reform itself automatically into one of several learned positions, and all of it depends on what the user wants to do with it. Would you prefer a Morphee-style idea, or a truly flexible display in your smartphone?

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