LG has been working on flexible OLED displays for several months now, even going as far as predicting it would begin selling 60-inch flexible OLEDs by 2017. But before they can do that, they need to get these flexible OLEDs in the hands of consumers on a much smaller scale, which is why they’re reportedly planning to launch a smartphone equipped with a flexible OLED some time this year.

The report comes from The Wall Street Journal where they spoke with LG’s vice president of mobile Yoon Bu-hyun. Yoon has stated LG’s first flexible OLED smartphone will be released during the fourth quarter of 2013. The flexible OLED display is being made by LG Display, but just how flexible these displays are is yet to be seen as we imagine a screen that we can bend and twist as much as we like, which we doubt will be the case in this upcoming consumer product.

LG was also reportedly working on both a smartwatch and Google Glass-like wearable computer, which we would assume would use flexible OLED displays as well. Maybe their first smartphone with a flexible OLED display is the company’s first step into delivering these products in the future.

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