Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a title many gamers probably hold near and dear to their heart as developer BioWare did an amazing job with the Star Wars property and delivered a memorable RPG experience when it released back in 2003. Since its initial release on Xbox, it made its way to Windows and Mac OS X, but it looks like an iOS release may currently be in the works.

Aspyr Media, who has ported Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Mac OS X, recently sent an email to its customers that included the following text:

The critically-acclaimed Star Wars RPG is now available on iPad.

Since the text doesn’t necessarily say Knights of the Old Republic, we certainly can’t think of any other “critically-acclaimed Star Wars RPG” that Aspyr has previously been in charge of porting other than KOTOR. This wouldn’t mark the first time a BioWare RPG was ported to the iPad as we know Baldur’s Gate was made available a few months ago. Either way, we hope this accidental reveal turns into an official announcement very soon as we would gladly waste countless hours playing KOTOR on our iPads.

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