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Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Will Be Getting A PC Port
PC gamers might be familiar with the Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 series, and might also be excited about the upcoming third game in the series. However, while we are waiting for an official release date for the third title, PC gamers might be interested and possibly excited to learn that Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance will be getting a PC port after all these years.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Graphics Comparison Trailer Released
When EA and BioWare attempted to continue the Mass Effect franchise with new titles after the original trilogy, let’s just say that things did not exactly go as they had hoped. We suppose in a way it’s a good thing as it showed how well developed in terms of gameplay and story the original games were.

BioWare Just Cancelled Their Plans For An Anthem Redesign
The initial release of BioWare’s Anthem did not go as well as the company would have liked. However, in 2020, they announced that they would be trying to rectify the problems by giving the game a redesign and overhaul. If you were hoping to see this game launched anytime soon, you should probably give up.

Next Mass Effect Game Could Pick Up Where Mass Effect 3 Ended
The original Mass Effect trilogy was so beloved that its developers actually went back to the last game and tweaked its ending, so as to better appease players who invested heavily into the story over the years. Many had high hopes for Andromeda, but it kind of fell short, but there is some good news.


BioWare Confirms New Mass Effect Game Is In The Works
While the original Mass Effect trilogy is probably one of the most beloved space RPGs out there, its successor kind of fell flat on its face. Many players felt that it simply did not live up to the original series, which is kind of a bummer as it does leave a stain on an otherwise “perfect” franchise.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Might Only Arrive In 2021
The original Mass Effect trilogy was one of the more highly-rated RPGs in recent years, with the company’s newer take on the Mass Effect franchise kind of falling flat. If you are wondering what the big deal is regarding the original games, then you might have to wait until 2021 because that’s when Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will launch.

Anthem By BioWare Is Getting A Major Overhaul
BioWare’s Anthem was not a great success as everyone expected it to be.Even though the game was visually good, the looting system and the overall gameplay wasn’t appealing enough as a game to play in the long run.At least, the players had a lot of expectations from BioWare while considering Anthem as an online multiplayer game.No matter how much players enjoyed it – fundamentally, it did not turn out to […]

New Mass Effect Game Reportedly In The Very Early Stages Of Development
When it comes to RPGs, Mass Effect is one of the more popular franchises in recent years. However, when the original trilogy ended and EA released Mass Effect: Andromeda, it kind of fell flat which led to the publisher eventually putting the series on hold while they focused on other franchises.

Fix For ‘Anthem’ Crashing On The PS4 To Be Issued Next Week
Recently EA had confirmed that they are looking into why their latest franchise, Anthem, has been crashing on the Sony PS4 consoles. The good news is that it looks like the problem has since been identified and that a fix for the issue will be released next week, so this is something gamers can look forward to.

EA Investigating Anthem Crashing On The PS4
Recently it was reported that Sony PS4 players were encountering issues with EA’s latest game, Anthem, where there were reports of players experiencing crashing to the point where it was pretty much unplayable. The good news is that it looks like EA is aware of the issue and are looking into it.

Sony Is Refunding Some PS4 Anthem Players
BioWare’s launch of Anthem on the PS4 hasn’t been a particularly smooth one. Gamers have been complaining about the game crashing on their console to the point where it is essentially unplayable. Fortunately it seems that according to PS4 gamers, some gamers have had some luck getting refunds.

Some BioWare Classic PC Games Are Coming To Consoles
Skybound Games has announced a new deal with publisher Beamdog to bring some classic PC roleplaying games to consoles for the first time. Some of these titles were originally published by BioWare for PC. This partnership will thus provide more exposure to the enhanced versions of Dungeons & Dragons video games on an entirely different platform.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 Might Be A Long Time Coming, If At All
EA and BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic franchise is one of the more beloved Star War video game franchises around at the moment. However if you were hoping to see Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 anytime soon, then you probably shouldn’t hold your breath because it might not be coming anytime soon, if at all.

Anthem Demo Goes Live For Everyone Starting February 1st
More information has now been confirmed about BioWare’s Anthem, particularly its upcoming beta. Those who have been looking forward to taking part in the beta will be delighted to know that they don’t have to pre-order the game. BioWare and EA have confirmed that the Anthem beta will be open to everyone starting February 1st. The game itself will be released later that month.

BioWare’s Anthem Won’t Support Cross-Play At Launch
With Sony finally relenting on the whole cross-play thing with Fortnite, it certainly signalled to the gaming community that the cross-play between consoles could soon become a common feature, similar to how PC gamers using different brands and builds of PCs can play with each other.

BioWare Wants Fans To Know Mass Effect Is Still Alive And Well
As many a Star Wars fan can attest, the original trilogy is probably the best out of all the Star Wars movies that have been released to date, and while the latest set of movies are certainly light years ahead of the prequels, it just doesn’t quite have the same feel. This could be one of the reasons why Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t quite as well received as BioWare would […]

Anthem’s Future Story-based DLCs Will Be Free
A popular way that many developers and publishers have been going about making money off gamers, is the release of additional content beyond the original game in the form of DLCs. In a way one could argue that since these are additional content, you should pay for them. However others argue that developers should continue to support the game after its launch without charging for it.

BioWare Has Plans For A Full Anthem Demo In February 2019
Usually when developers release demos for their games, it tends to be a short demo that gives players a brief idea of what to expect if they were to buy it. The same can be said for open betas in which it is usually restricted to maybe half a chapter in the story, or maybe one or two missions, and so on.

BioWare Reassures That They Are Still Working On Mass Effect
Mass Effect: Andromeda was not the successor to the original Mass Effect trilogy that many had hoped for. The game was admittedly a bit disappointing which led to reports that the Mass Effect franchise had been put on hold, which BioWare has since reassured fans that the franchise is still very much alive and well.

EA, BioWare Reassure Gamers That ‘Mass Effect’ Isn’t Dead
With BioWare now focusing on the upcoming Anthem game, we’re sure that many  gamers are probably wondering what will become of the Mass Effect franchise. The previous Mass Effect release was not the massive success that BioWare and EA had hoped for, resulting in the franchise being put on hold.