Nintendo is primarily a gaming company and the only foray the company has done with the mobile market is to create handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo 3DS, but what if Nintendo were to create a smartphone of their own? While we’re sure that probably isn’t the cards for Nintendo at the moment, a concept has been created as to what a Nintendo-made smartphone could look like, thanks to the folks at T3. While this is purely a concept, the folks at T3 are suggesting that with the pressure from Sony and Microsoft with their next-gen consoles, perhaps an alternative to Nintendo’s core competency might be to dive into smartphones.

It’s a pretty interesting concept as it incorporate functions from the Wii U console, like Wii U Chat, Mii Verse, the ability to play Nintendo games on your phone and so much more. The latter is probably the most interesting considering that Nintendo’s stance at the moment is to keep their titles off mobile devices, unlike Sony and Microsoft who have gladly embraced the mobile platform and have brought PlayStation and Xbox titles to mobile devices. In any case if you have a couple of minutes, check it out in the video above. What do you guys think?

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