chrome-androidThere is a new Android chief in town, and it seems that he has hinted that there will be no merger of Chrome and Android platforms in the foreseeable future – at least not for the coming year, and perhaps even in the year after that. Sundar Pichai has been quoted that both Chrome and Android will remain separate “for the short term,” where he shared that nugget of information over an interview which was posted before Google I/O’s opening keynote that is set to happen this Wednesday.

Sundar Pichai will continue from where previous head of Android Andy Rubin left off, where Pichai was helming the Chrome division previously, where he was then moved to assume control of both Chrome and Android sometime a couple of months ago. Analysts were all a -flutter then, making the assumption that Pichai’s dual responsibilities would eventually see both Chrome and Android platforms merge. Would you like to have seen that happen, too? It would be interesting to see what gets thrown up when both operating systems merge.

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