prodesk3dI don’t know about you, but whenever a particular device claims itself to be the “world’s first” or something along that superlative line, it pays to take it with a pinch of salt. After all, the time of the announcement compared to the moment when the device first rolled off manufacturing lines might see someone else from a rival company deliver a superior device. I would assume that the world of 3D printers are not that competitive compared to the smartphone or tablet industry, which is why the ProDesk 3D was announced to be the world’s first full color desktop 3D printer.

The ProDesk3D is a sleek new 3D printer which is capable of printing all the colors of the rainbow, making it similar to your regular desktop printer, albeit it churns out its masterpieces in three dimension glory. Just how does it do so? Pretty much in the same manner as that of a traditional printer, where it will merge the colors of its cartridges in order to achieve the right result for your eyes. Not only that, the ProDesk3D does seem to carry with it an air of user friendliness in comparison to other more affordable 3D printers in the market. We have no idea on its pricing details just yet, but since it is a cinch to use, it might cost a wee bit more than expected.

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