3d-gummy-candy3D printing has definitely taken off in a big way in recent times, where we have seen the likes of a 3D printed gun being smuggled into the Israeli Parliament undetected, while FabCafe has the facilities to let you print a 3D gummy of yourself – you know, to stoke that ego and all that. Well, it seems that there are other advancements in which 3D printers will be able to contribute to humanity on the whole, and a German company has come up with what they deem to be the first 3D printer in the world when it comes to gummy bears.

Calling it the Magic Candy Factory, this candy printer will require approximately 5 minutes of your time in order to churn out some delicious candy for you to chew on. Those who happen to have a sweet tooth will be able to satiate it with ten different fruity flavors and colors to pick choose from, and if you are one of the more health conscious people, then you will be pleased to note that there will be gluten-free and vegan options to boot. Of course, being able to get the job done is one thing, but the cost might be prohibitive for most folks – as it will cost approximately $5 per piece of candy.

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