robox-3d-printer-1[CEATEC 2015] 3D printers have been starting to catch on pretty well in recent times, as it gets more and more affordable and folks end up with more unique designs and creations. Having said that, here is one particular desktop 3D printer that might just interest you – where it is known as the Robox desktop 3D printer. What kind of advantage does Robox bring to the table – literally speaking?

For starters, Robox will be able to offer users with the capability to produce three-dimensional models in a range of thermoplastic materials, and thanks to their HeadLock easy replacement system, one will be able to explore a whole range of personal manufacturing possibilities. The main objective is to produce the most reliable, stylish and easiest-to-use 3D printing solution in the market, and the HeadLock system lets one operate with a variety of heads, stylus cutting to paste deposition, and in due time, 3D scanning – helping open up the doors of your imagination to endless possibilities.

The Robox intends to be future proof as well, since it will be ready to take immediate advantage of new additive and subtractive manufacturing processes along the way, with high hopes of the Robox platform ending up as the most accessible 3D printer in addition to one that sports a complete micro-manufacturing system. Its dual nozzle system makes it up to 300% faster than normal, while it happens to be one of the highest print resolution of any FFF printer in the market – up to 20µm (0.02mm) layers. An enclosure door ensures that it prevents outside thermal influence affecting your print by blocking draughts and keeping the internal temperature stable, and shields users from surfaces. No idea on pricing just yet, but it certainly looks good to go.

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