Samsung-series-9-13-black_01Just the other day Sharp announced their plan to start work on a HiDPI IGZO LCD display that could possibly offer users a pixel density of 262ppi, which we have to admit is pretty impressive. However not long after that, Samsung has recently announced plans of their own in which the South Korean company will be showing off a 13.3” notebook display that has the ability to offer up a resolution of 3200×1800 which would essentially offer users a whopping pixel density of 276ppi! The company will be showing off this new display during Display Week which is happening this week, and just to give you guys some context, Apple’s Retina displays on their MacBook Pro models are sitting at 220ppi for the 15” model, and 227” for the 13” model, meaning that if Samsung were to start mass producing laptops with this resolution, Apple will definitely need to start playing catch-up. We’re not sure when Samsung will start making laptops with such a high resolution, but we’d hate to think just how much one of those laptops might cost.

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