wolfenstein-single-playerWhen id Software first came out with Wolfenstein 3D, it blew my mind away. Multi-player? That was virtually impossible in the day back then considering the technical limitations, and fragging became commonplace only with the introduction of Doom and subsequently, the Quake series. Still, a pseudo remake Return to Castle Wolfenstein many years later when the 3D video cards market was maturing nicely added in a multiplayer aspect, and to hear that Bethesda’s upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order title that is being developed by MachineGames drop the multiplayer aspect is definitely quite a shocker.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is set in 1960, where in this alternate version of world history saw the Nazis end up as the dominant power, where they have a slew of new technology at their disposal, so you as the series’ protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz will have to once more save the world – on your own. No death matches, no cussing and swearing, it is just plain old slugging it out with the computer AI.

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