It has been a decade since Skyrim was first launched. It is part of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls franchise and it also seems to be the most popular one. While many are eagerly anticipating the sixth chapter in the series, it looks like Bethesda will continue to milk Skyrim for all its worth, thanks to an upcoming remaster of the game.

During QuakeCon 2021, the company has announced and confirmed that Skyrim will be re-released with next-gen upgrades for the Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X consoles. It will feature upgraded graphics and will also come with a brand new feature in the game – fishing, something that gamers have actually been asking for.

This version of the game is known as the Anniversary Edition and to coincide with the game’s actual anniversary, it will be launched on the 11th of November later this year. This wouldn’t be the first time that Bethesda has re-released the game. Prior to this, Nintendo had teased the game’s availability on the Switch console, which later turned out to be true.

Bethesda is also not alone in trying to milk a classic. Even Rockstar’s GTA 5 which has been released multiple times and on multiple devices will also be making its way to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but we suppose given how fun these games are years down the road, we suppose it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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