AT&T logoIs it just me, or does everyone else think of the same thing – that video is the way forward when it comes to messaging one another? After all, we did hear that Skype Video Messaging has just launched across a variety of mobile platforms earlier this morning, and Instagram could very well introduce video support this coming June 20th, so here we are with even more good news – that all AT&T data plans will now be able to support FaceTime as well as Google+ video chat, as and when required.

When we say “all”, we mean exactly that, and not just limited to those who happen to be on a capped mobile sharing plan. This is definitely a step in the right direction, as it helps AT&T fulfill their promise made last month that customers who happen to be on grandfathered unlimited Internet plans, too, will be able to make use of these new video call services. Initial whispers point to service accessibility from various parts of New York, Maryland, Georgia, Hawaii, and California, and we do know that the previously unsupported LTE and HSPA+ signal can be found in parts of North Carolina, Northern Virginia, and Florida.

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