babuinoDo you happen to take a look at your smartphone sometimes, only to think to yourself, that your smartphone could be a whole lot more than just an ordinary communications device? Well, a group of developers must have done that for them to work on the Babuino, a device that happens to be roughly the same size as that of an average USB flash drive, where it will be able to hook up your smartphone to a computer or other compatible device in order to have it function as a wireless mouse. Of course, other functions too are in order, including a keyboard, game controller, or camera.

The Babuino is not all one way traffic either, as it will also work the other way around, allowing your computer’s keyboard to help you churn out that text message or complete an assignment on your smartphone way faster than you ever could on the virtual keyboard. Right now, the team behind the Babuino wants to raise $40,000 so that it can enter mass production in due time. If you are interested, you can pledge as little as $25.

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