BitTorrent Dismisses Game Of Thrones Piracy RecordA couple of days ago, we brought you word that the season 3 finale of Game of Thrones ended up as the top BitTorrent download, having allegedly seen 5.2 million downloads worldwide, setting what the folks over at what some say is a “BitTorrent Piracy Record”. Obviously, the folks over at BitTorrent are not too pleased with this affront, touting that a “BitTorrent Piracy Record” is a complete fabrication simply because there is no such thing as this, as piracy happens outside the BitTorrent ecosystem.

BitTorrent continues to hammer home the fact that they do not host infringing content, and neither do they point to such offensive content, so technically speaking, it is more or less impossible to “illegally download something on BitTorrent.” After all, the numbers pulled by TorrentFreak are based based on numbers from pirate websites which happen to have no affiliation whatsoever with BitTorrent, and BitTorrent claims that the technically correct term would be “Internet Piracy Records”. I agree with BitTorrent, but are they splitting hairs here? Just like how you ask someone to “Google it”, that colloquially means performing a search online, and not necessarily using Google as the search engine of your choice since you can still use Yahoo or Bing, right?

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