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BitTorrent Streaming Service Not Being Shut Down
Last week, a report was published which revealed that there were some internal issues over at BitTorrent. It was even said that the company was planning to axe its streaming service. While some of what was mentioned in that report appears to be true, BitTorrent has said today that it’s not going to shut down the service. In its statement BitTorrent has said that it “remains focused on the media […]

BitTorrent News Live Broadcast Kicks Off On July 18th
It was reported last month that BitTorrent will soon be launching a live TV news network on its BitTorrent Live streaming platform. The news network was said to be made available alongside other channels that are already available on the company’s live streaming platform. The company today confirmed that the live broadcast of its BitTorrent News network is going to kick off on July 18th.

BitTorrent Now Is Another Music Streaming Service
If the current music streaming landscape is confusing you with so many different services being offered, we guess we can’t blame you. There are so many to choose from that there’s really no difference at the end of the day, and finding one whose price point and catalogue suits you is all that really matters.

BitTorrent Reportedly Launching Live Streaming TV News Channel
BitTorrent is reportedly going to launch a TV news network on its BitTorrent Live streaming platform. The news network will be available alongside the channels that are already available on its live streaming platform. It’s going to create an entire set up from ground zero, hire talent, and get the news network up and running. It’s even going to develop a network of international contributors for this purpose.


BitTorrent Reportedly Sacked 40 Employees In The US
BitTorrent has reportedly sacked few of its employees in the US. It has been revealed by the Buzzfeed along with many anonymous sources that the company has dismissed around 40 employees out of total workforce of 150.

BitTorrent's P2P Chat Client Bleep Alpha Open To Public
BitTorrent has made no secret of its intention to disrupt the online messaging space. Sure there are countless messaging services up and running right now but BitTorrent says that because majority of them are cloud based users never really know if their personal and private information is being stored on servers, which are vulnerable to attacks. Enter Bleep, a peer-to-peer chat client that the company showed off back in July. Initially […]

BitTorrent Bleep Messaging Platform A Possibility
It was not too long ago that the folks over at BitTorrent began to work on a new kind of messaging application. This particular messaging application (looks like messaging is a pretty big deal these days) will be based on the principles of BitTorrent technology; where one is able to work through a direct connection between people without having to fall back upon a centralized server to get the job […]

Most Pirated Show Of 2013 Was Game Of Thrones
HBO’s Game of Thrones is a very popular TV series, there is no denying that fact. We often get to hear exactly how popular this series is when it smashes all piracy records. Earlier this year we reported that Game of Thrones season 3 finale had become the top BitTorrent download and also the most pirated show in the U.S. “sprint season.” So it shouldn’t come as surprise to see […]

BitTorrent Chat Detailed, A Decentralized Messaging Service That's Big On Privacy
Recap 2013 and the revelations about rampant electronic spying by the NSA certainly come to mind. Edward Snowden has released, and continues to release, a barrage of highly confidential documents that detail how the agency has been tapping into electronic communications. While major companies say that they’ll do more to protect user data, some simply don’t see it as enough of a guarantee for their privacy. So back in September, the […]

Musician Moby Releases His Latest Album As A BitTorrent Bundle Download
The record labels and publishers want you to believe that downloading music illegally will hurt the artists and the industry as a whole, but yet there are plenty of musicians out there who are more than happy to release their music on the internet for free. Moby is one of them and with his latest album release, his 11th studio album “Innocents”, he has decided to forgo the traditional distribution […]

BitTorrent Chat Looks To Make Instant Messaging More Secure
We know how important your messages with your wife, husband or significant other is, especially when they involve such important things as deciding what to do about dinner as well as reminding them to pick up milk on the way home. Keeping them personal and private is also extremely important, which is why BitTorrent is announcing its latest instant messing service called BitTorrent Chat.

BitTorrent Sync Enters Beta Phase
Bittorrent is taking its BitTorrent Sync file synchronization service into “beta”, from its earlier “alpha” phase. This effectively means that more people will have access to it, and that the software is now mature enough for a wide audience. BitTorrent Sync is specifically designed to synchronize an unlimited number of files between folders on different devices belonging to one or several users. BitTorrent does not host anything and users always […]

BitTorrent Dismisses Game Of Thrones Piracy "Record"
BitTorrent reiterates that they have never and will never host or point to pirated content, but are just a conduit for Internet users.

Game Of Thrones Is Top BitTorrent Download
Game of Thrones season 3 finale breaks more BitTorrent records.