BitTorrent has made no secret of its intention to disrupt the online messaging space. Sure there are countless messaging services up and running right now but BitTorrent says that because majority of them are cloud based users never really know if their personal and private information is being stored on servers, which are vulnerable to attacks. Enter Bleep, a peer-to-peer chat client that the company showed off back in July. Initially invite-only access was provided to the alpha version, today the Bleep Alpha goes live for the public.

Today the Bleep Alpha is available for anyone willing to try it out. New applications have been released today for Mac and Android, BitTorrent feels that it has ironed out enough kinks to ensure that users get an idea of how its service works, even though its in Alpha stage right now.

Users can either sign up with an email or mobile number, or they can choose to access Bleep in an incognito mode which means no personally identifiable information is required to use the service. Supported features in the Alpha include voice calls and text messages to online contacts only. Google address book contacts can be easily imported in the app and friends can be invited to Bleep through SMS, QR code, email and a public key.

Android users who get in on Bleep Alpha need to set the app to Wi-Fi only unless they have an unlimited data plan. BitTorrent says they only need to do this for the time being as it will soon sort out the issue related to data plan and battery.

The Bleep Alpha can be downloaded right now from the Google Play Store. Public Alpha is also available on Windows and Mac.

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