concept-fakI suppose you could say that one of the most famous phrases we would have heard would be this, “Doctor, heal thyself!”. The thing is, not every single one of us have knowledge of administering first aid when the situation calls for it, let alone been trained, but perhaps conceptual first aid kits like the one you see above could change things for the better down the road for everyone. Knives are definitely not fun things to be hurt by, but sometimes, a slip in the kitchen could result in profuse bleeding despite a knife cut being but a minor wound.

Designer Gabriele Meldaikyte of London has come up with the conceptual first aid kit that you see above, where it will work with just one hand, allowing you to attend to that cut finger by placing it in your mouth to induce hemostasis. Not only that, folks who are not trained in first aid will be able to use it easily, as the kit itself has been broken up into injury types, coupled by step-by-step instructions to help you along since you lack Wolverine’s healing factor.

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