cube-slamGoogle has certainly done their fair bit of promotion where Chrome is concerned, trying to turn it into a leading Web browser as well as an cloud-centric operating system. Well, that has gone hand in hand with the company rolling out a number of interesting experiments that are based on the platform. The latest experiment would be another exploration into the world of browser gaming, thanks to a spanking new game that is known as Cube Slam. Cube Slam would place you within a surreal 3D environment, and you end up in the first-person perspective of a game of 3D pong.

What would make Cube Slam so different from the regular Pong, you ask? Well, it would make use of your browser as well as Internet connectivity so that you will be able to play against your friends as their face will be seen in-game, which so happens to be a live section of the game’s design. This is made possible thanks to the implementation of WebRTC (web real-time communication), which is an open-source platform that paves the way for video chatting in the browse, all without the need for an additional plug-in installed. Just in case you do not have a friend to play with, Forever Alone types will be able to play nice with Google’s “Ursine Diversion Division” which would deliver a friendly 3D bear opponent for you to play with. [Press Release]

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