fleksyOne of the cool things about Android is that if you did not like the default keyboard that came with the phone, you could always swap it out for a third party alternative out there, such as SwiftKey and Swype just to name a few. iOS users on the other hand are pretty much stuck with the default iOS keyboard even if they dislike it, or maybe that might not be the case in iOS 7. As you guys might have heard, Apple announced iOS 7 earlier and while they did share a lot of the platform’s new features, we’re sure there’s more to the software than what was announced, and the possibility of support third party keyboard apps might be one of them.

This is thanks to the folks at Fleksy who seems to have suggested that their keyboard software will be one of first that could be used within iOS itself. Based on what they’re saying, it seems that they are hinting that Apple could have announced a keyboard API in which developers are able to build their own custom keyboards instead of relying on the default Apple one. We’re not sure how true this is, or to what extent Apple will allow this should this be the case, but what do you guys think? Are you satisfied with Apple’s iOS keyboard, or do you wish you could switch to a third party alternative?

Updated – As it turns out Fleksy is providing an SDK to developers who wish to use their keyboard in their iOS application. This will not replace the default iOS keyboard across the entire operating system, but rather offer it to developers who find that Fleksy’s offering might be better suited for their app in terms of design/features.

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