Interesting news coming out of Germany. A bank employee fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transferred $222 million Euros ($293m) instead of the 62.40 Euros he was supposed to transfer. We’ve all at some point in our lives fallen asleep in front of our computers, but this incident is beyond the realm of our normal lives.┬áThe recipient of this money isn’t a free multi-millionare now, the German bank noticed this mistake after a short while and rectified it.

The 62.40 Euro transfer was to originate from a retiree’s bank account, the banker who was handling it fell asleep on the keyboard. The number 2 key was pushed in for a considerable amount of time, hence the 222 million Euro figure. The case came to light when this banker’s colleague was fired because the transfer was let through despite checks for verification being in place. Germany’s Hessen labour court has since ordered that the bank hire him back. Ever faced any embarrassing incidents having fallen asleep in front of the computer either at home or at the office? Do share them with us down in the comments.

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