How To Use Google Pay
A new form of payment has managed to find its way into the mainstream: smartphones. Both major smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, have developed their very own ‘smart pay’ apps, called Apple Pay and Samsung Pay respectively. Google’s counterpart is Google Pay.

German Banker Transfers $293M While Napping On Keyboard
A bank employee fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transferred $222 million Euros ($293m) instead of the 62.40 Euros he was supposed to transfer.

Coinstar Allows Customers To Deposit, Withdraw From PayPal
Coinstar has been helping loose-change finders make sense of their cents by lugging a laundry bag full of nickels down to their local grocery store in order to bypass the mind-numbing work of counting your loose change. Up until now, Coinstar was able to deliver cash or a number of gift cards in exchange for your change, but today, the company is announcing PayPal transactions will now be possible from […]

O2 launches O2 Wallet in U.K.
It was already rumored that U.K. mobile network O2 is on the verge of launching its own wireless payment service this year. Well, the rumor has been stripped of its doubts as the company announces the launching of the O2 Wallet today. O2 mobile network describes its O2 Wallet as a seamless and secure digital wallet service that delivers the benefits of mobile money to customers in U.K., more than […]


LookTel Money Reader app receives major update
Remember the LookTel Money Reader app we talked about back in March? In case you forgot, Money Reader is an app that helps visually impaired folks to count their money with the aid of their iPhones. Using the camera on the phone, Money Reader can recognize US bills placed in front of it, regardless of whether they are partially covered or folded. A voice will then read out how much […]

Personal ATM helps your kids to save money
There are plenty of piggy banks available on the market, but none of them really do anything besides save your money for you. Well, the folks over at Latest Buy are selling the Personal ATM – an advanced piggy bank that can be used to teach your kids the value of money.Kids get an ATM Card and a PIN number that they will use to login to the system. Putting […]

DON-8r robot collects money in public areas
A couple of weeks ago we had a robot beggar that asked for change from people who walk past it – by acting like a cute, pet-like robot. Well now we’ve just received word of another donation-collecting robot in town, and this one’s called the DON-8r (pronounced donator). Instead of staying in one spot to beg for donations, DON-8r skitters around in public, collecting money from willing donators.

American Express Serve: the next generation digital payment platform
American Express has just announced the launch of Serve, “the next generation digital payment platform.” Similar to how PayPal works, Serve acts as a middleman for consumers to purchase things online and offline – the catch is that the merchants need to accept American Express cards. Through Serve, users without credit cards or are unwilling to publish their card details online will find Serve highly convenient. Serve doesn’t have any […]

LookTel Money Reader helps the visually impaired count their money
A company called LookTel has come up with an app that will help visually impaired folks with their everyday lives. Called Money Reader, this app makes use of the iPhone’s camera to recognize any US bill held in front of the screen and announces in a clear voice its value. It works pretty fast, taking less than a second to finish scanning a note, and it can even recognize both […]

Google could turn billboards into money spinners
Guess when it comes to money, you can never have enough of that green stuff, even if you are Google. After all, you do have shareholders to answer to, and with that in mind, we discovered that Google recently filed a patent entitled “Claiming Real Estate in Panoramic or 3D Mapping Environments for Advertising.” In layman’s terms? It ought to let them cut out billboards that are displayed for all […]

Nokia Money unveiled
Nokia has just unveiled their latest payment system dubbed Nokia Money. This new system has the potential to offer banking to the poor as well as those in developing countries who are devoid of usual choices that we who live in developed countries have long taken for granted. It will be based on Obopay’s existing cellphone payment system in North America and Europe, where it utilizes current handset features to […]