Google Search Field Trial Rolls Out Gmail Contacts Support


The last time Google made changes to its field trial, it was testing┬áits capability to search through Gmail and Google Drive through its search results. Those tests look like they’ve gone well as Google is now rolling out Gmail contact information to search results.

Google rolling out this feature for its field trials means if you happen to have signed up to the experimental program, information from your Gmail account will be retrieved when you search for something, which will provide relevant information based on your search. You’ll now be able to search for contact numbers, addresses and anything else that is found in your Gmail account through Google’s search box. This information is completely private though as only you will be able to see these results.

The latest field trial feature only supports your Gmail contacts, but Google says Google+ support is being planned for future field tests. Let’s just hope for the time being, you actually put some work into your Gmail contacts information, or your search results could end up being a little weird.

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