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How To Find Recent Google Searches You Made?
Google collects every data for your activity while using its services. You can easily access the data collected (download it) and delete it if necessary.The same ability lets you find the recent Google searches that you have made.

Google Search Now Available In iMessage
Want to quickly look up something while in an iMessage conversation? You can now “Google it” right within iMessage as internet search giant’s core feature is now available in Apple’s messaging app. Google today updated its Search app for iOS which brings an iMessage extension which enables iOS users to search the web and share those results in their conversations from within iMessage itself.

Google Search Gets A New Tab For Finance Information
Google says that search interest in finance and stocks has more than doubled globally in the last five years. That’s why it feels the need to introduce an expanded finance experience inside Google Search on both desktop and mobile web. There’s now going to be a new search navigation tab called Finance which will provide easier access to finance information based on users’ interests.

How To Search On Google, 20 Search Tips
Google is considered to be the best search engine out there, that is the reason most people say – “Google it“. You use it but how do you do it? Do you just type in what you want to search for (the search term or keyword)? If yes, you have not utilized Google to its fullest potential…


Google Will No Longer Show Search Results As You Type
You know when you start typing a query in Google and it instantly offers suggestions and loads the results page in real time? That feature is going away soon, the company has confirmed Google’s Instant Search feature was launched back in 2010. Google said back then that the feature enabled it to save millions of seconds every hour by surfacing relevant results as soon as the user started typing. However, […]

Autoplay Videos Are Coming To Google Search Results
Is Google about to make search results annoying? It seems so. We tend to have divided opinions about videos that autoplay. I’m not a fan and I’m sure there are many who agree with me. According to a new report, Google is testing out autoplaying videos in search results. In my view, that’s a really spectacular way of making your core product very annoying. Woudn’t you agree?

Google Gets In On The Fidget Spinner Trend
Fidget spinners are nifty little devices that emerged out of China. These cheap toys are everywhere now. You probably get bombarded by advertisements for fidget spinners online every single day. They’re now a global trend and Google is getting in on that trend. Don’t think that Google is actually in the business of selling physical fidget spinners, it’s merely putting one in your desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Google Makes Searching For Your Own Content Easier With 'Personal' Tab
Google runs a wide variety of services that many people use on a daily basis, services like Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Photos, to name a few. Users normally have a significant amount of data stored across these services and Google is now making it easier for them to search for their content using Google Search. It has added a new “Personal” tab to Google search for precisely this purpose.

Google Adds A Couple Of Cool Games To Search
Google today announced that it’s making one of its most lucrative products more fun. Search is Google’s bread and butter, and it would not be wrong to say that search has made Google into the behemoth that it is today. The company has announced that it has added a couple of cool games to search. You can now play solitaire and tic-tac-toe in it.

Google Now Lets Users In India Order Food
If you feel hungry and don’t know what you would like to eat, chances are you will fire up Google to search for options. This is true no matter where you are in the world, and if you find yourself in India, not only will you be able to search for options using Google but you will also be able to order right from the search engine. Google is now […]

Google Will Help You With Voter Registration Ahead Of The Elections
It is imperative for people to go out and vote in the elections if they want to see their country progress, regardless of who they vote for, it’s their vote that matters and should certainly not be wasted. Google is always keen to help out with voter registrations and it’s going to help Americans once again ahead of the presidential elections this November. Users just have to search “register to […]

Google Significantly Improves Hotel And Flight Search
Google already has a Destinations feature for those who are planning a trip but the latest improvements it has made to search are geared towards those who are making arrangements to their trip. The company today introduced significant improvements for flight and hotel search to get more and more people to book their flights and accommodation using its search engine.

Google Denies Rigging Search Suggestions For Hillary Clinton
The race to the U.S. presidential election is heating up as both parties now have presumptive nominees. The campaigns are working hard to rally the people to their respective causes, they’re looking for support wherever they can get it. It was alleged recently that Google has been rigging suggestions in its search engine in favor of Hillary Clinton. The internet search giant has denied those allegations. “Google autocomplete does not favor […]

Google Search May Get Material Design UI
It appears that changes are inbound for the user interface of Google’s most lucrative product: Google Search. The company has started testing a new Material Design UI for search results on the desktop. Material Design was announced back at I/O 2014 and since then it has spread from Android to apps, Chrome OS, and even the web. YouTube and Search haven’t been updated as yet on the web but it […]

Ads Coming To Google Image Search
Ads contribute a significant chunk to Google’s bottom line every quarter so it’s not surprising to see the company expand them to more of its products. Google Search is one of the most lucrative products that the company has and while you’re all accustomed to seeing ads in search results, you will soon have to adjust to seeing ads in image search as well. That’s right, Google is bringing ads […]

Google Makes It Easier To Find Apps In Search
There are millions of apps available for Android so it’s not that hard to find apps that you might be interested in. Just fire up the Play Store and get to searching, it already does a good job of recommending the apps that you might be interested in based on your previous installs. Google is now making it much easier to find such apps by adding a dedicated Apps tab in […]

Payday Loans Ads Banned From Google
Google has announced that it’s no longer going to serve ads for payday loans as it has decided that it doesn’t want to promote predatory lending practices which have proven to be harmful to many people. In case you’re unaware, payday loans are short-term loans of small value that are usually due on the person’s next payday, very high-interest rates are associated with these loans if payments are not made […]

Google Testing Big Change In Search Results
If you’ve used Google to search for something over the past couple of days you might have noticed that the links presented in the search results are black instead of the very familiar Google blue. When I saw the black links for the first time I immediately thought that the company was running some kind of a test, and indeed, it is, as many users have reported seeing the links […]

Google Search Removes Ads From The Right-Hand Side
Don’t freak out if you no longer see ads on the right-hand side of Google Search results, that’s because Google is changing the way it displays ads on desktop searches. From now on ads will only be shown at the top and bottom of the search results page. Previously the company used to display ads on the top, bottom and right-hand side of the search results based on a query. […]

'RankBrain' Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Google Answer Ambiguous Questions
Google has been the most widely used online search engine for many, many years now. It’s common to say you want to “Google something” when in reality you just want to search for something on the internet, that’s how deep Google has embedded itself in our hearts and minds. One would expect that Google search has handled almost every question possible but the reality is that it does come across […]