iOS-7-Scrubbing-640x340As it stands, iOS lets users control their music via the lock screen but only to a certain extent. This involves pausing/playing, and skipping tracks as well as adjusting the volume of the music playing. The good news for iOS 7 hopefuls is that Apple will be adding a tad bit more functionality to music control in the lock screen in the form of scrubbing. Basically what scrubbing does is that it allows the listener to skip to certain portions of the song, basically adjusting the “progress bar” of the song. This is a feature that can be accessed via the Music app, or on the computer, but we guess that with iOS 7, users will be able to do it from their lock screens as well. It’s not exactly a game changer but we expect that it’s these little things and conveniences that helps add to the overall user experience. The scrubbing feature will only work if you are playing the music via the Music app, and if you’re relying on third-party apps like Rdio or Spotify, you’re out of luck.

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