cable_alc_1-510x340A couple of weeks ago, it was found in the beta of iOS 7 that the software would prompt users when it has detected that they have plugged in an unauthorized Lightning cable. Since unauthorized cables tend to be cheaper than their official counterparts, it is understandable that some users might opt for them instead. However it looks like one Chinese firm has managed to “crack” that feature, bypassing the notifications altogether. The Chinese firm, iPhone5mod, claims that they have managed to crack the iOS 7 authentication feature and if you’re wondering why is the company showing their hand early, especially since it is possible that Apple could issue a fix?

Well as it turns out, iPhone5mod’s Cyril Chang claims that Apple will not be able to issue a fix due to it being a hardware crack which would require Apple to change its own Lightning hardware. This is good news to those looking for cheap replacements, or to other manufacturers who might not have otherwise gotten permission from Apple to create Lightning-based accessories, but as always there is the risk that comes with unofficial and unauthorized products, so that’s something worth keeping in mind.

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