ios7-mocklWe’re sure many are excited to see what iOS 7 could look like. After all these years, it seems that the time has come where iOS 7 could finally be getting the visual makeover that many iOS users have been begging Apple to do, but until the official announcement, it’s pretty much anyone’s guess as to how it might look like, or is it? The folks at 9to5 Mac claim to have gotten a sneak peek at the beta version of the operating system but unfortunately they could provide screenshots as they are watermarked which could get their source in trouble.


However based on what they have seen, they have created a mockup of the new design which very obviously places a heavy emphasis on the “flatter” design language (pictured above). They have also described that based on the beta that they saw, this is what we can look forward to, or at least some of it:

  • iTunes is Purple-ish with white (iSync-like arrows instead of a music note).
  • Camera is Gray gradient and icon is same shape as you see on the lock screen
  • Facetime is like it used to be without the gray. and flat.
  • The Maps icon is a different place. Perhaps near the Spaceship campus?
  • Compass icon is darker and flatter.
  • Safari icon is like the Mac circle icon without the silver frame.
  • Photos icon is a color wheel
  • Game Center is similar to the photos icon – totally different than before.

The mockup doesn’t look too bad actually, although if there’s one thing we’re not sure of is how the signal bar has been replaced with dots which does not seem very intuitive, not to mention very different from standard signal bars which could confuse some users. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys make of this mockup? Love it?

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