mba-teardownIt was just a couple of days ago when the new MacBook Air (model year 2013) was announced, although not that many people were too thrilled that there was no new iPhone 5 announcement. Some folks have however are easier to please, and hence, the MacBook Air 2013 is good enough for them. A couple of initial teardowns have already happened, with OWC and iFixit being at the forefront of things, and their respective teardown experiences did reveal a bunch of other minor changes, although its predecessor and the latest model do share plenty of similarities.

Not many changes were made to the insides of the 11″ notebook, other than a totally new Airport card in addition to other minor tweaks. As for the battery that can be found in this device, it is said to boast of an increased capacity of 6.7% despite having the same amount of physical space to work with, but one could say that the increase in battery life can be mostly attributed to Intel’s latest Haswell processor that would introduce a more efficient use of its processor. The battery pack itself has increased to 7.6V and 7150mAh from its 7.3V, 6700mAh configuration previously. Well, are you willing to drop a grand to bring home the new MacBook Air, or do you think that the changes did not live up to your expectations to warrant a purchase?

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