xbox360salestopsWhile I’ve never been to jail, I can only imagine that being under house arrest would definitely be a more comfortable option compared to going to prison. Apparently not everyone thinks that way as with the case of a 19-year old man from New Zealand. According to the reports, it seems that this young man has pleaded with the police to allow him to serve out the final stretch of his house arrest in jail, rather than at home, because he was “sick of play Xbox”.

While under house arrest, this young man managed to go through his entire Xbox library of games, and because he had run out of games to play, he decided that there was a high possibility of him breaching his home detention, which is why he’d rather go to jail and serve out the remaining months rather than breaching his house arrest. While we’re not familiar with New Zealand’s laws, The Northern Advocate claims that house arrest is not as easy as it sounds due to the restrictions it imposes on the person, but still a pretty odd choice, don’t you agree?

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