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We Probably Shouldn’t Expect New Xbox Series X/S Hardware Revisions Anytime Soon
The Microsoft Xbox Series X and S were released back in November 2020. This means that it has been a little under a year since the consoles were released, but for those who might be hoping to see some kind of hardware revision, don’t hold your breath because these might be the consoles we’ll be seeing for a long time.

You Can Now Stream Xbox Games From Your iOS Device
Apple’s restrictions have made it rather difficult for developers and companies to put their streaming services onto iOS devices, at least as far as official apps are concerned. This is why many have instead turned to workarounds like making their service playable and available through Safari.

Windows 11 Will Come With Xbox Game Pass Built Into It
In the future, your Windows 11 computers will be ready to start gaming right out of the gate. This is because when Microsoft announced Windows 11, they also announced that one of the features of Windows 11 would be that it would come with Xbox Game Pass built into it, so if you’re already subbed, you can start playing your games almost immediately.

You Can Now Customize Your Xbox Controllers Once Again
Back in 2016, Microsoft launched the Xbox Design Lab. This is a service that basically lets users order customized Xbox gaming controllers, but the company later put it on hold. The good news is that if you managed to get your hands on the Xbox Series X/S and want a customized controller, the Xbox Design Lab is back.


Pete Hines Apologizes For Starfield’s Xbox Exclusivity
The other day, Bethesda officially took off the wraps of Starfield. This is the company’s first brand new IP in quite a while, where prior to this they were mostly known for their other franchises like Fallout and Skyrim. However, during the announcement of the game, it was revealed that Starfield was going to be an Xbox and PC exclusive.

Microsoft Unveils The Xbox Mini Fridge
At Microsoft’s E3 showcase, the company showed off their next Xbox product, but it’s something that you might have never guessed – an Xbox Mini Fridge. Yes, you read that right, Microsoft will be making a mini fridge shaped like its new Xbox Series X console. It might sound like a joke, but Microsoft seems serious about it.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Will Be Playable Through Safari In A Few Weeks
The rules required to get a game streaming app approved by Apple seems rather troublesome, which is why we’re seeing many companies work around it by making their services streamable through Safari, and Microsoft is one of them. The company has been testing out its xCloud service on iOS for the past few months, and it looks like they’re close to launching it.

Microsoft Working With TV Makers To Bring The Xbox Experience To The Masses
Right now the problem with consoles is that it comes at an additional cost, meaning that for some, it’s going to be an “either-or” choice. This is fine, but at the same time it means that some consoles usually end up doing better than others. To help boost their market share in the console space, Microsoft has come up with a unique solution – integrating the Xbox experience into TVs […]

Microsoft Turns The Surface Duo Into A Handheld Xbox Console
It might seem a bit strange that out of all the console manufacturers, at least the modern ones, Microsoft is the only one to not have released a portable console. Sony had its PS Vita and PSP, and Nintendo has its DS series and now the Switch series, but Microsoft was always missing from the picture, at least until now, sort of.

Microsoft Is Giving Xbox Insiders A Chance To Reserve The Xbox Series X/S
Due to the global chip shortage and also high demand for modern consoles like the Xbox Series X and S, you’re not alone if you’re finding it a bit difficult to get your hands on either console. However, Microsoft is hoping to increase your chances if you happen to be an Xbox Insider, according to a tweet by the company.

Microsoft Confirms They Have Never Profited From Selling Xbox Consoles
Over the years, Microsoft has pushed out different models and generations of Xbox consoles. The consoles are sold at a few hundred dollars each, but what’s interesting is that Microsoft has actually never profited from selling them. This interesting nugget of information was revealed during the Apple VS Epic trial.

Microsoft Says They Won’t Be Reducing The Cut They Get From The Xbox Store
Last week, Microsoft announced that they will be making changes to the cut they get from developers from the Microsoft Store. Instead of a more traditional 70-30 split where Microsoft gets 30%, they will be changing it to a 88-12 split, meaning that Microsoft will now take a 12% cut.

Bang & Olufsen Gets Into Gaming With The Beoplay Portal Headphones
Bang & Olufsen is no stranger when it comes to consumer headphones and audio products. The company has been making them for years where they are usually marketed and styled as lifestyle products. However, it seems that the company is now exploring a new market segment with its first pair of headphones designed for gaming.

Microsoft Testing Allowing Free Online Gameplay For Free-To-Play Games
With Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, if you want to play online games with your friends, you would need to subscribe to their online gaming service. This means additional fees that gamers have to pay. However, the good news is that Microsoft could change it by removing the requirement to pay for their online services.

Xbox Testing ‘Suspend’ Feature That Will Boost Download Speeds
There are many things that can affect the latency of our internet connection and the subsequent download speeds. It could be that there is a technical issue with the ISP, or maybe the server you’re connected to is having some difficulties, or there are too many people using the internet at the same time.

Future Bethesda Games Could Be Exclusive To The Xbox Game Pass
With Microsoft acquiring Bethesda, many are undoubtedly wondering what this could mean for the future of Bethesda games. Could it all be made an exclusive to Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox platforms? Turns out the answer is kind of yes and no. During a Bethesda and Xbox roundtable event, Xbox boss Phil Spencer laid out the company’s plans for the future.

Microsoft Testing Its Edge Browser On Xbox Consoles
If you truly want the most feature-rich experience of a browser, then you probably need to use the one on your computer. This is because even on mobile, certain features available on desktop aren’t supported, like extensions, for example. This gets progressively worse on other devices such as consoles, in which browsers are there for the basic stuff.

Microsoft Testing 1080p Streaming For Xbox Game Pass
Due to the fact that games contain a lot of textures and elements, streaming them would require you to have a pretty decent internet connection as the transfer of data might be quite large. This is why for the most part, game streaming services tend to stream at lower resolutions to help ensure a smoother experience.

Microsoft Just Launched A Pair Of Xbox Branded Wireless Headphones
When it comes to headphones, Microsoft might seem like an odd brand to think about, but over the years, the company has launched several audio products such as headphones and wireless earbuds. Now it looks like they’re back with a new pair of headphones, except that these have been designed for gaming in mind.

Microsoft Starts Internal Testing Of Xbox Cloud Gaming On PCs
Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with a feature that allows gamers to stream Xbox games onto devices like Android phones or tablets. Oddly enough, this option was not given to those on PC, even though Microsoft also owns the Windows operating system, but there is some good news on that front.