Next-Gen Xbox Will Focus On Frame Rate And Loading TImes

At E3 2019 earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed that they are indeed working on a next-gen Xbox console. Not much is known about the console apart from the fact that Microsoft is working on it, but we have heard that it is expected to be powered using a custom AMD processor, use GDDR6 RAM, and a next-gen SSD.

Future Xbox Games Could Arrive For Non-Microsoft Platforms

The way the console market has worked is that companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo create games that are typically exclusive to their own platforms. This is an attempt to differentiate themselves from each other, and to also lure gamers from one platform to their own platform.

Microsoft Is Testing A New And Cleaner Xbox One Home Screen

User interfaces are extremely important as it helps contribute to a better overall experience. An app could be extremely useful and functional, but if it has a cluttered interface, it makes users want to use it less. For those who feel that the Xbox One home screen could do with some tidying up, you’re in luck.

Microsoft Embraces The $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ‘Lifehack’

Usually when companies discover pricing errors, they will be quick to correct it. However, in Microsoft’s case, it seems that the company is embracing it and are actually encouraging its customers to take advantage of it, albeit for a limited time.


Microsoft Appears To Be Prototyping Xbox Controllers For Mobile Devices

Game streaming appears to be set to become a new method of gaming in the future, where we will be able to stream all kinds of games to our devices, thus eliminating compatibility issues and also hardware restrictions. Microsoft has such a service in the works known as Project xCloud, and it seems that the company is working on controllers that would be compatible with it.

Microsoft To Launch Just One Next-Generation Xbox Console

Prior to Microsoft’s reveal of Project Scarlett, its next-generation Xbox console, at E3 2019 it was rumored that the company was working on two separate consoles. The company was apparently working on a more affordable version of the console under the codename Lockhart. It’s now being reported that Microsoft is only focusing on the high-end Xbox console codenamed Anaconda now as part of Project Scarlett.

Xbox Players Can Now Pick Any Gamertag

Microsoft is finally opening up the gamertag system on the Xbox to enable players to pick whatever name that they want. The system being used is similar to what gamers may have already experienced on Steam or Discord. What that means is that the Xbox Live gamertags will have a # number after them if they have already been taken by someone.

Microsoft’s Project Scarlett Will Support Existing Xbox Accessories

The problem with new console generations is that generally speaking, the new design and protocols used in the new console means that older accessories will no longer be compatible. Such is the case with every generation’s release, although to be fair, each generation is released many years apart, so it’s not as if gamers need to spend a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Four Times More Powerful Than The Xbox One X

The Microsoft Xbox One X is supposed to be one of the most powerful consoles available at the moment. It has the ability to play games at a native 4K, which is pretty impressive when you consider how much power rendering things in 4K consistently requires, but later this year, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox will make the Xbox One X look downright silly.

Microsoft Wants You To Smell Like Your Xbox With Body Spray And Shower Gel

When it comes to marketing, you really need to admire Microsoft’s marketing team because the company has come up with pretty creative and novel marketing ideas for its Xbox gaming platform. Previously we saw the company launch products such as the Xbox Onesie, the Xbox Inflatable, and also a greaseproof controller.

Tariffs Could Result In Next-Gen Consoles Being 25% More Expensive

Due to the ongoing trade war with China, the Office of the United States Trade Representative has published a list of goods categories that could be considered for new tariffs, which could be in amounts as high as 25%. These tariffs are expected to be applied to goods imported from China, which will cover “video game consoles and machines”.

Leak ‘Confirms’ Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Revealed At E3 2019

According to rumors dating back to last year, it was suggested that Microsoft could already be working on its next-gen Xbox console. Given that next-gen consoles are typically revealed during the mid or three-quarter waypoint of the current-gen console’s lifecycle, this did not really come as a surprise.

Microsoft Patents An Xbox Controller With Braille Readout

We know that as far as making its consoles more accessible to gamers with disabilities, Microsoft has been making some pretty decent progress on that front. Just last year the company unveiled a new controller for the Xbox One that can be customized to make it more accessible for certain gamers.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Blends Xbox Live And Game Pass Into A Single Subscription

Amid reports that Microsoft was going to launch a disc-less Xbox One S, it was said that the company would also launch a new subscription service which will merge Xbox Live and Game Pass into one package. That’s precisely what it has done after officially launching the aforementioned disc-less Xbox One S. Microsoft calls this new subscription plan the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.