Netflix Signs Deal With DreamWorks To Bring Original Content To Its Service


Netflix is announcing the company’s expansion of its original children’s programming as they have signed an exclusive deal with DreamWorks Animation to own the first-run rights to over 300 hours of original DreamWorks programming. The content DreamWork Animation will be producing will be based on characters from the company’s feature films, with one of those shows being a TV adaptation of DreamWork’s upcoming film, Turbo.

Netflix had previously signed exclusive deals to bring Disney, Marvel and Pixar films to the video service, and now that they have signed a deal with DreamWorks, that means it’ll have quite the library of animated films available for its customers to watch at any time. Original series based on DreamWorks’ characters will begin to air in 2014, which we hope one of those shows includes Shrek or Kung-Fu Panda, especially when you consider the latter’s TV series has been well received ever since it aired on Nickelodeon.

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