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NVIDIA Shows Off ‘DirectStylus’ For Tegra 4 Tablets

nvidia direct stylus

Devices that supported stylus inputs were a dime a dozen before 2007 when the original iPhone came out. Apple’s first iPhone revolutionized the industry, with manufacturers rushing to make devices that had multi-touch supporting displays. Samsung revived the stylus with their Galaxy Note series of devices, they come with an integrated digitized and an active stylus. NVIDIA has shown off a new technology for Tegra 4 tablets it calls ‘DirectStylus.’ It allows users to use a fine-tip passive stylus to draw lines of different width on a tablet’s screen.

Active styluses, like the ones Samsung gives with Galaxy Note devices, normally require a digitizer. Passive styluses don’t, but they do have tips as big as 5mm. Harnessing the Tegra 4 GPU’s image processing power, the tablet will be able to recognize difference between a stylus, an eraser, a palm and a finger.¬†This will allow users to write on the tablet’s screen using a simple passive pen and use its opposite end as an eraser.¬†DirectStylus is aided by NVIDIA’s Direct Touch 2.0 technology that is capable of supporting 300 scans per second, allowing capture of detailed stylus movements.

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