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NVIDIA Tegra Note Spotted At The FCC With 7-inch Display, Digital Pen
We spotted what’s being alleged to be the NVIDIA Tegra Tab just last month, and today it looks like we’re one step closer to the tablet becoming a reality as it made its official stop at the FCC this week which includes photos, its user manual and a hint that indicates the tablet may not actually be called the Tegra Note when it’s released.First off, let’s take a look at […]

Xiaomi Mi3 Is First Tegra 4 Smartphone
Xiaomi and NVIDIA have announced that the flagship phone from Xaiomi, the Mi3 is now officially the first Tegra 4 phone which will be able to access games from TegraZone. The Mi3 comes with a 5” 1080p display (441ppi) and up to 64GB of internal storage. The clock frequency details of this Tegra 4 phone were not immediately disclosed (do we really care that much?), but we know that this […]

XiaoMi Mi3 Launch Delayed To September (Rumor)
We did have pretty high hopes for the XiaoMi Mi3 smartphone, where even as recent as this morning, the folks over at XiaoMi did show us a glimpse of what could be in due time, where a red cloth covered a new, unreleased device. Most folks would have placed their money on this yet to be unveiled device as the XiaoMi Mi3, where in the past, it was spotted on […]

Acer Could Be Working On Tegra 4-Powered Tablet
Acer could be working on a Tegra 4-powered tablet.


Kalos Android Tablet Features Tegra 4, 2560 x 1600 Display
BungBungame's Kalos features a 10-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and Tegra 4.

NVIDIA Shows Off 'DirectStylus' For Tegra 4 Tablets
NVIDIA has shown off a new technology for Tegra 4 tablets it calls 'DirectStylus.' It allows users to use a fine-tip passive stylus to draw lines of different width on a tablet's screen.

Leaked ZTE N988 Could Be World's First Tegra 4 Smartphone
Earlier this year during CES 2013, NVIDIA took to the stage to announce their next-gen SoC, the Tegra 4. A couple of manufacturers have since announced their plans to ship Tegra 4 devices, with ZTE being one of them. Thanks to the folks at GSM Insider, they have managed to get their hands on a photo of what is allegedly the ZTE N988, possibly the world’s first smartphone to feature […]

Tegra 4 Benchmarks: NVIDIA Jumps Into Hyperspace
We had an opportunity to run the first Tegra 4 benchmarks out NVIDIA’s lab and it’s time for an update on that front. Since NVIDIA launched its Tegra 4 processor at CES, there was a sense that it should be really fast, but the question was: how fast? Today, we have the answer: it’s roughly twice as fast as current-generation hardware and it looks very promising when stacked with theoretical […]

ZTE To Ship Tegra 4 Smartphones This Year?
Word on the street have it that NVIDIA’s Tegra 4, which was unveiled in January this year, will arrive in the chassis of some smartphones from manufacturer ZTE sometime in the middle of this year. Yes sir, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE intends to keep things under wraps at the moment without revealing the kind of naming conventions that they have for the new Tegra 4-powered smartphones, and the first […]

Toshiba Will Be Among The First To Use Tegra 4, Says Report
NVIDIA has already announced the Tegra 4 earlier this month, and Vizio is the first, in our opinion, to showcase an actual product running Tegra 4. We’re talking about Vizio’s 10.1-inch Tegra 4 tablet that was demoed to us at CES 2013. Now, DigiTimes is reporting that Toshiba, too, is planning to launch its own Tegra 4-powered tablet in June this year. Citing from Taiwanese supply chain makers, the publication […]

Hands-On: NVIDIA Shield Review
Early NVIDIA SHIELD Review: we go hands-on with NVIDIA's first portable gaming device. It runs with Android 4.1 and is powered by the company's new Tegra 4 chip.

Tegra 4 Announced By NVIDIA
[CES 2013] What comes after Tegra 3? Why, the simple answer would be one of the world’s worst kept secrets, Tegra 4. Just what kind of processing muscle does the Tegra 4 pack? For starters, there are 72 GPU cores, a quartet of Cortex A15 CPU cores, and a 4G LTE modem, how about that? Smartphones and tablets that intend to pack Tegra 4 underneath the hood, you might just […]

NVIDIA's "Wayne" Tegra 4 SoC Presumably Detailed In Leaked Slide
NVIDIA’s rumored “Wayne” Tegra 4 chip, which will reportedly debut at the CES 2013, has just been leaked by the Chinese tech site Chip Hell. According to the leaked slide, as seen above, “Wayne” will offer a low-power 28-nanometer process and a 5th battery saver core which will support the overall 4-PLUS-1 quad-core CPU. The leaked slide also reveals an impressive 72-core GPU that is 20 times the power found […]

NVIDIA rumored to debut Tegra-4 at CES 2013
It was rumored yesterday that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 could feature an Exynos 5450 processor clocked at a whopping 2.0GHz. Given that NVIDIA has a stake in the mobile market as well with their Tegra processors, unsurprisingly it looks like the company might be stepping their game up and come CES 2013, rumor has it that NVIDIA will be taking the wraps off Tegra-4, which has also been given the codename […]

NVIDIA's Tegra 4 "Wayne" roadmap and spec sheet leaked
NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor has made its way into several high profile devices this year, such as the ASUS Transformer Prime and the HTC One X, so what else can we expect from the company in the future? We know that the company already has their next-gen Tegra chip planned (dubbed “Wayne”), and thanks to a leaked spec sheet and roadmap, we now know a little bit more of […]

NVIDIA Looking At Quad-core Chips For Smartphones
If you’re still dreaming of owning a Tegra 2 device, your dreams might be a little out of date. In a whitepaper about mobile multi-core processors, NVIDIA has confirmed that Tegra 3 is already nearly finished and Tegra 4 is already being developed. NVIDIA’s CEO mentioned that there will be a new Tegra every year, not to mention that dual-core processors will be the standard in 2011, with quad-core chips […]