PayPal has been rolling out support for its customers to use its service anywhere and everywhere they would need to have digital currency and it seems the company feels they have done as much as they can on this planet as they now look to the great beyond. Yes – PayPal wants to support your purchases in outer space.

PayPal is teaming up with the SETI Institute and a number of other companies to launch the PayPal Galactic Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to bring together leaders in the space industry to have open discussions about current issues surrounding the commercialization of outer space.

PayPal says a payment system beyond earth is already needed as astronauts on space stations are required to pay bills back on earth while they’re away as well as purchasing various forms of entertainment, such as content for e-books or music, while they’re in space. Let’s just hope if PayPal does launch support for space that it’ll do it securely as the last thing we want to see is an alien stealing our credit card information to buy an alien HDTV or an alien iPad.

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