Amazon Is Giving Its Customers A $8.62 Discount Today

If you’re planning on doing a bit of online shopping, you might want to do it today because Amazon has announced that for one day only, they’ll be giving all of its customers (regardless of Prime membership) a $8.62 discount on their order. This appears to be Amazon’s way of thanking its customers for helping them rank #1 in the annual Harris Corporate Reputation poll.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness (2016)

It’s almost the end of the year which means that it will soon be the New Year, which means that it’s time for New Year Resolutions again. If one of your New Year Resolutions is to be healthy, to lose weight, to build muscles, or to train for some sporting event, these are a list of gadgets that would make the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you know. Alternatively […]

Holiday Gift Guide For The Outdoors & Adventure (2016)

Most of us know that to preserve our gadgets, you probably should not be dropping them on hard surfaces, getting them wet, or taking them to places with extreme temperatures. But what does this mean for those who are more adventurous and need to go to places that aren’t exactly gadget-friendly? Thankfully there are manufacturers out there who have thought this through, and this list of gadgets might make the […]

Holiday Gift Guide For Gamers And Geeks (2016)

The holidays are upon us which means it’s time to open up our wallets and spend some money on gifts for ourselves and our friends and family. Some of the most interesting products are presented for games and gaming consoles while pointers are also up for grabs on products that should excite just about every geek. This 2016 holiday gift guide features some of the best products for gamers and geeks.


Amazon Launches Alexa-Only Pre-Black Friday Deals

Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant platform and we know that they are looking to push it to as many users as they can. Given that Google Now/Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana have had a head start, we can understand Amazon’s urge. Now it seems that Amazon is trying to get users to use Alexa as much as possible by announcing Alexa-only pre-Black Friday deals.

Walmart Takes On Amazon Prime With $49 Two-Day Shipping Service

An Amazon Prime subscription offers access to a variety of services now, including but not limited to music and video streaming, but it started out as a two-day free delivery service for members who paid an annual fee. Amazon Prime still offers that for $99 per month and now retail giant Walmart is taking aim at the online behemoth by launching a $49 two-day shipping service.

Nexus 5X Gets Another $50 Discount To $300

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced a new price for the Nexus 5X which would be at $350, making it more affordable than what it used to be. However it looks like Google really wants to clear their inventory because the company has given the phone yet another discount, this time dropping it by $50.

T-Mobile Could Host “Buy One, 50% Off Next One” Promo Tomorrow

If you’re looking to buy more than one smartphone, maybe one for personal use and another for work, or maybe for multiple family members, you might want to hold off on your purchase until tomorrow because according to the folks at TmoNews, they have learnt that T-Mobile could be holding a promotion tomorrow.

HTC Discounting Their Products By As Much As 30%

If you’re looking to get yourself a HTC product, like a smartphone or maybe a tablet, you might be interested to learn that HTC is currently holding a promotion in which they will be discounting almost all their available products by as much as 30%, which we have to admit is a rather significant amount.

Steam’s Winter Sale Has Officially Begun

Last week it was reported that thanks to an email sent out by PayPal, it seems that the company might have accidentally revealed the date of Steam’s upcoming Winter Sale. The sale was set for the 22nd of December and sure enough it looks like the rumors have panned out has Valve has officially announced that the sales have begun. The sale will run from the 22nd of December until […]

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Sees Massive Discount Ahead Of X-Pro2 Announcement

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 was announced several years ago meaning that it’s high time that a new model is announced. The good news is that if the rumors are to be believed, we won’t have to wait too long for the announcement since CES and CP+ 2016 are both around the corner, but if you wanted more proof, you’re in luck. It has been discovered that retailers such as B&H have […]

Apple Offers Free Next Day Delivery On Dec 23

Thinking of getting yourself a new Apple product for a Christmas present, or maybe it’s for someone else? Now Christmas is a week away which means you’re doing some very last minute shopping, and with shipping times it could mean that you’ll be cutting it pretty damn close, but the good news is that Apple has you covered.

Nikon Brings Back Its Sales Tax Discount

If you’re looking to buy a new camera, you might be interested in getting a Nikon because according to reports, it looks like Nikon’s sales tax discount is back. What is a sales tax discount? Basically upon checking out, a discount will be applied to your final purchase and the amount will be the sales tax that you would have to pay. This means that the camera or accessory you […]

PayPal Accidentally Leaks Steam Winter Sale Dates

Every year, Steam holds several sales where you will be able to buy your favorite games at discounts. Whether or not that discount is big remains to be seen, but at the very least there will be some discounts and massive sales that you might want to check out. That being said, Steam has one last sale left for the year in the form of the Winter Sale. Given that […]